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    Is there another way?

    For so long people have lived bound by addiction, not knowing that there is another way. Day after day, so many are dependent on a substance to get going, to stay going, and in search for the strength to face the world that is waiting on them. Fear paralyses’ even the strongest person’s ability to do what so many believe to be such a simple thing. Not knowing who to ask for advice, not trusting anyone to help them, and uncertain of what life will be like with out substance in it, the addicted person is trapped in a hell like most people are unable to imagine.

    This is one way that addiction keeps you trapped where you are. The voices in your head that tell you that it is not possible to live with out your drug. Negative outlook, feelings of hopelessness, helplessness and being overwhelmed only strengthen the chains that bind this disease. Ideas that change is too hard, that things will get better if I can only better manage how and when I use. Shame, guilt, and pride will be abandoned when the disease overtakes your life to the point that life is completely and utterly unmanageable.

    When this happens, often times addiction has taken from you everything that you once held dear. It is a sobering thought to realize that you are no longer respected in your trade or profession, that your children have no trust in you and that your lover has left or thrown you out. It is really over. Consequences of addiction are difficult to face on the best day with those you love supporting you, much less on days like the one just described.

    Admitting to yourself that you do not want to live like this is a good direction in the thinking that will take you to making the first step in a life-changing journey. Finding another way is a process of steps that will change the way in which you live, how you view the world, and challenge the very ideas that you once believed were an integral part of what makes you, you.

    If you’re ready to stop drinking, or using, or both, and willing to make changes then you can begin to recover from addiction right now. Do not listen to the voice of powerlessness and give in to entertaining this sickness in your body any longer. You don’t have to wait until you hit rock bottom; you can make a change at any time. You can connect with someone right now.

    ~ Miss Amanda
    © 2015 Amanda Power