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    Submitted 11/01/16

    “Ms. Power was wiling to work with me on a restricted schedule and accepted a sliding scale fee. This was much more than most of the other counselors I called.”

    Submitted 08/01/16

    “My parents may not accept me for who I am, and understanding my ‘problems’ and what are not my ‘problems’ have been key to my happiness which I now have. I am able to smile. To walk and have joy. Not to say I am NEVER sad, but I am now able to smile. That is something I never thought would happen. Gracias.”

    Submitted 04/03/16

    “The sign you have about secrets told me that you already understood what I don’t believe anyone else ever can or has. Thank you for letting my spirit know and my heart open so that I was able to share about the tormented ways that my horrible, terrible abuser transformed me in to the shadow of a person, a skeleton of child. Today I walk with grace, acceptance and knowledge that I am and I am able and I am able to overcome.”

    Submitted 1/08/16

    “Most Licensed Counselors would not come to us to deal with our Daughter as you have. Having you come and educate us on our daughter, her addiction and the role we play has saved my marriage, my finances and it looks like it may have even saved my daughters life. You are a blessing to us and we pray that other families find help from you or others like you. #RestoredCounseling #AmandaPower

    Submitted 12/26/15

    “I spent my first Christmas at home in 7 years. That does not seem like a big deal to some, but my six year old daughter opened presents with me for the first time in her life. I am grateful for this and I hope that next Christmas I am able to send the same message.”

    Submitted 11/01/15

    “I thought that our son would be dead by now. Thank you for coming to work with us. Thank you for not giving up on him. Thank you for offering him recovery. Thank you for showing me how to save my family. Just Thank you.”

    Submitted 7/09/15

    “Refreshing to be held accountable and not back-paddle out of the commitments I have made. Because of this my relationship with my child is improving already. Thank you.”

    Submitted on 4/11/15

    “It was so amazing to finally find someone who was able to help me understand the role that I play in all of the issues. Now that I am able to see things differently, I am able to change how I treat my kids and that is changing how they treat me.”

    Submitted on 4/6/15

    “Thank you…”

    Submitted on 1/12/15

    “I found working with Restored Counseling to be helpful. Yes.”

    Submitted on 2/3/15

    “I worked with Amanda Power for a while last year. I was upset when all of my problems didn’t magically disappear as a result of counseling. What I am able to see now is that we made better decisions during those difficult times than if we had not gone and gotten the help we needed. I know we need to go back.”

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